What Will Happen to Me in a Year?

Ever ask yourself a question and come up with too many answers or no answer at all? This can be frustrating and usually there’s too much going on around us to make the answer clear.

Sit down in a quiet place with paper and pen and write the question on the top slowly three times while you say it out load to yourself. It can be any question, What will happen to me in a year?

Then write the first thing that comes to you. This is called free writing, putting down whatever pops in your head.

There’s no way to mess up, or be wrong so don’t worry and don’t try to force the answer. If drawing is the answer you feel then draw, just put what comes to mind first.

Try tapping into that inner child, she lives deep inside because as adults we tend to bury the child inside of us and keep them from coming out. This can be brought out by using your non-dominate hand or the hand you would not usually write with.

Keep going until you feel you have gotten out whatever it is that is inside there’s no time limit, if it takes 2 minutes, 10 or even an hour then so be it. No judgment, no wrong answer, just fun, fun, fun.

When you finish and feel you’ve done all you needed to take a break, close your eyes, and reboot. Allow yourself the time to let go of your writing and then come back with new eyes and receive your message.

You just gave yourself an intuitive reading it holds answers you never knew where there. It can help you find solutions you may not have found consciously. Now you may know what course of action you need to take or you may have just found out something about yourself you didn’t know was there. Whatever it holds for you trust your intuition, it is an untapped power that usually is the key you need. Intuition is that deep down gut feeling, the first answer you usually over look because of logic.

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