Live for the Moment and Put Worry on Hold (Part 2)

For once, I am going to endorse procrastination. When it comes to worrying, you should put it off. Do everything you like to avoid worrying. Worries don’t help us; and in fact, they make many bad situations worse. On top of that, most of what we worry about never comes to pass.

On the other hand, putting off tasks that will help us advance, right now, is an epidemic. There is a health maintenance disaster on the horizon when most of the western world does not want to engage in exercise. Therefore, the habit of procrastination should be purged as soon as possible.

Here are a few things that will help you “stay on track” toward your goals, live for the moment, and leave most of your worries behind.

You should design a specific, and detailed plan, of your future. Your plan should have an exact step-by-step formula with time lines. Cover every possible detail and research it.

Your written goals should be reviewed daily. This is a healthy process, and people who write goals down have a much better chance at success. Don’t talk, or think, in terms of “some day.”

Meditate and visualize yourself attaining success. Take the time to quiet your mind and focus on your dreams. You should do this every day to keep your vision alive. You could do this in the morning, or the evening, when you can make time for yourself.

You should exercise regularly to increase endorphins and rid your body of toxins. This will change your entire mindset for the best. If you are new to exercise, walking is the best place to start. Walking alone is a great program for overall health.

Drinking water, and getting a massage, are two more ways to flush toxins from your body. Getting a massage is truly living in the moment and gives you an appreciation for the finer things in life. Massage could also be a form of bonding with your “significant other.”

Learn to laugh, watch a comedy, and lighten your spirits. Some of us take ourselves far too seriously. In order to live for the moment, we all have to put serious feelings aside and learn to enjoy life.

Posture is important while sitting, standing, walking, eating, or anything else. A slouched body posture is bad for all forms of health. Always sit up, or stand up, straight whenever you think about it. Poor posture is usually a reflection of poor self-esteem, so get rid of a slumping posture right now.

Make changes to your goal setting plans when you have to. Nothing is “carved in stone,” and if you see a collision course with disaster, make an adjustment as soon as you can.

You may not be able to implement all of these changes at once. That’s not a problem; but if you add them to your lifestyle gradually, you will enjoy your life and leave your worries behind.

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